Many wonders are forever captured in my heart. I feel I have wandered into a picture book. What delight to scurry up the tree trunk and nestle among the leaves while the river sings her lullaby. The best sleep I’ve had in years.

- Jack and Diane, Alfords Point, NSW -

So pretty! After just 10 minutes Darren wanted to live here and Samuel thinks it’s his favourite place in the world (even better than his Nintendo!!).

- Darren, Alison and Samuel, Newcastle NSW -

Thankyou so much for providing such a beautiful and affordable hideaway. This place was perfect.

- Shane, Catherine, Rachel and Joanne, Dural -

Fantastic!! Wonderful. Bellbirds, whipbirds etc. We felt particularly close to nature – love the house!! The solitude and tranquility are so precious. Thankyou so much.

- Cindy and Tony, Newcastle, NSW -

What a wonderful place to spend a romantic weekend with the one you love. Thankyou.

- Angie, Penrith, NSW -

Lovely. Could have spent another couple of weeks just going through the bookcases.

- Andrew Young, Bathurst, NSW -

What an Australian paradise!

- Christopher Sammut, Hinchinbrook, NSW -

Wow, incredible. You have created a magical paradise.

- Nikki and Mark, Empire Bay, NSW -

No! No! We don’t want to leave! We’ll be back, that’s a promise.

- Tony and Julie Nelson, Grays Point, NSW -

What a fantastic place! Just amazed by this house – the beautiful furniture, layout etc. Very cosy and comfortable.

- Jenny and Les Saggus, Narabeen -

A place of firsts:- first platypus, first firefly, first spiny anteater, first win at Scrabble. A lovely place.

- Roger and Janet, Milton Keynes, UK -

Fireflies like fairies in the glen! Yellow-tailed black cockatoos, the satin bowerbird and his mate, wallabies as well. It’s nature’s wonderland.

- Geoff and Daphne, Newcastle -

Thank God for the internet, otherwise we would never have found this haven. What a fantastic, romantic place!

- Gerry Gnany, Glenfield, Sydney -

When we come here we want to stay longer; there always seems to be more relaxing that needs to be done! We saw two platypus and a number of turtles.

- Kim and Ross Allen, Westleigh, Sydney -

Crisp mornings, warm sunlight on the verandah and the river having a chuckle. Too nice for words.

- Bruce and Lydia Quirey, Cooks Hill, NSW -

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