“Crisp mornings, warm sunlight on the verandah and the river having a chuckle. Too nice for words.”
Bruce and Lydia Quirey, Cooks Hill, NSW.

“Fantastic hideaway, great fire, comfy beds, perfect spa. We’ll be back.”
D and V, Newcastle.

“When we come here we want to stay longer; there always seems to be more relaxing that needs to be done! We saw two platypus and a number of turtles.”
Kim and Ross Allen, Westleigh, Sydney.

“Thank God for the internet, otherwise we would never have found this haven. What a fantastic, romantic place!”
Gerry Gnany, Glenfield, Sydney.

“Fireflies like fairies in the glen! Yellow-tailed black cockatoos, the satin bowerbird and his mate, wallabies as well. It’s nature’s wonderland.”
Geoff and Daphne, Newcastle.

“A place of firsts:- first platypus, first firefly, first spiny anteater, first win at Scrabble. A lovely place.”
Roger and Janet, Milton Keynes, UK.

“What a fantastic place! Just amazed by this house – the beautiful furniture, layout etc. Very cosy and comfortable.”
Jenny and Les Saggus, Narabeen.

“No! No! We don’t want to leave! We’ll be back, that’s a promise.”
Tony and Julie Nelson, Grays Point, NSW.

“Wow, incredible. You have created a magical paradise.”
Nikki and Mark, Empire Bay, NSW.

“What an Australian paradise!”
Christopher Sammut, Hinchinbrook, NSW.

“Lovely. Could have spent another couple of weeks just going through the bookcases.”
Andrew Young, Bathurst, NSW.

“What a wonderful place to spend a romantic weekend with the one you love. Thankyou.”
Angie, Penrith, NSW.

“Fantastic!! Wonderful. Bellbirds, whipbirds etc. We felt particularly close to nature – love the house!! The solitude and tranquility are so precious. Thankyou so much.”
Cindy and Tony, Newcastle, NSW.

“Thankyou so much for providing such a beautiful and affordable hideaway. This place was perfect.”
Shane, Catherine, Rachel and Joanne, Dural.

“So pretty! After just 10 minutes Darren wanted to live here and Samuel thinks it’s his favourite place in the world (even better than his Nintendo!!).
Darren, Alison and Samuel, Newcastle NSW.

“Many wonders are forever captured in my heart. I feel I have wandered into a picture book. What delight to scurry up the tree trunk and nestle among the leaves while the river sings her lullaby. The best sleep I’ve had in years.”
Jack and Diane, Alfords Point, NSW.